What we do 

We take pride in offering professional, yet affordable, marketing, consulting, management, and business development services. No matter if you have no employees or 10,000, we can help you achieve any goals you've set for you business and offer a unique perspective on others. There'so other in the industry that can compare to the level of quality, at an affordable price. 

How we do it 

Below you will find our standard introduction process. By following these six steps, we accomplish all we set out to do. Every business is different, therefore every experience and strategy will be different as well. But what's the same across the board is 100% satisfaction and achievement of all goals. 

Step 1

Initial Assessment 

Once you've decided to give us a try, we conduct an initial assessment to gain valuable insight of where your business stands digitally and terrestrial.

Step 2 


Initial  assessment completed, we choose what services will meet the goals you have for your business and discuss results from the assessment. This step also involves contract or agreement signing and legalities. 

Step 3

Strategy & Planning

Now that we know your goals, the paperwork's out the way, and all assessments and competitor analysis are completed, we put together a sound strategy to meet those goals and expectations. 

Step 4


Strategies completed and planning done, it's time to execute them. We launch our campaigns. measure it, track it, and re-adjust as necessary. Depending on what plan you've chosen, we will start to acquire additional revenue for your company. 

Step 5

Monitor & Manage 

Our campaigns are running and strategies have been executed. Now we monitor their progress and adjust as needed. We evaluate what works, what does not, and what can be improved upon. 

Step 6 


Finally all our goals have been met. Now it's time to start working on the next stage in your business's evolution! 

Profitability Of A Company 

When it comes to quality of service to price ratio, we have the most affordable pricing in the Nation. Our clients receive an extremely high and advance level of service at a price that works for them. Not only do we excel at helping our clients reach profitability, but also acquire additional streams of revenue in the process.

Numina Solutions is synonymous with investment. When you hire us, expect a high rate of return in the form of growth, development, and revenue. We believe in assisting our fellow entrepreneurs on the road to success and financial freedom. Strategy is the game, there's no other company that's the same. Our proven tactics, advance analyzation skills, and strategies, continue to produce successful results, while consistently exceeding expectations.

At Numina, our results speak for themselves. Contact us today if your ready to start letting your business work for you, instead of you working for your business. We are the strategists of Business Development and Growth, let us help you make millions. 

Concierge Contracts 

We offer Standard, Premium, and Legacy concierge agreements of: 1,3,6, and 12 month terms. We match your business with the plan that fits your budget. Customization is available as well. Click below to view our packages. Other services such as website design, content creation, and more are available. To view the online version please go to our prices page.

To view downloadable PDF. version click below

Our Services 

All of our services can be acquired as a custom package, individual service, or combined. Once we conduct our initial assessment we provide recommendations even if you do not choose our company for your business needs. 

Digital and Terrestrial Marketing 

Business Management & Consulting 

Social Media Growth & Management 

Customer Support, Acquisition, & Retention 

Sales Enablement and Acquisition 

E-Mail Marketing & Newsletter Creation and Distribution 

Business Growth & Development 

Content Creation & Distribution 

Video/Slide Ad Creation & Commercials 

Re-Branding and Brand Exposure 

Website, Social Media Page, and Web-page Creation 

Google Account & Google Analytics Set-up 

E-Commerce Set-Up & Management 

24/7 Digital Presence Monitoring & Management 

Additional Revenue Acquisition  

Business and Competitor Comparative Analysis 

Are You Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

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