Numinas' Concierge Services 

We offer Standard, Premium, and Legacy concierge agreements of: 1,3,6, and 12 month terms. We match your business with the plan that fits your budget. Customization is available as well.  Click below to view our packages. Other services such as website design, content creation, and more are available. 

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You Tell Us What You Can Afford

When it comes to pricing, we have the best in the state, possibly the country! All of our services are based off of your budget. That's right! You tell us what you can afford and what goals you would like to accomplish, and we draw up a plan that is right for you. We believe that were in this together. All business owners deserve a chance to turn their businesses into a profitable company. So when it comes to price, we are flexible and affordable.Request your free demo today!

Numina Sales and Marketing 101: The Sale 

Say for example, YOUR BUSINESS has these chairs that are for sale. Chair number one is $20.99, and chair two is $22.99. Now, chair number one is brand new, brighter, and has just been made. Chair number two is new as well, is sturdy, has a strong back, and it's legs have been made to endure weight when someone sits on it.

But, it doesn't pop out and is not as bright as chair number one. When you first glance at these two chairs, which one grabs your attention? Which one of these chairs would you want to purchase? Chair number one right? It's brighter, looks better, and brand spanking new! Some would say chair number two. It's sturdy, has a strong back and support, and is meant to bear weight. Plus, it's only a couple dollars more.Right? One person bought chair number one and another person chair number two. Each person bought their chairs according to what they needed it for.

The average consumer would buy chair number two, due to its description: Sturdy, new, can bear weight, and has a strong back. It may not shine like chair number one, but it has value. People are intelligent enough to want to get value out of their purchases. They are spending hard earned money, so the products and services a business offers MUST create value..Now. ..

No matter what is said, how it's presented, what color it is, or how it's shaped..Chair number one and Chair Number two..ARE THE SAME! A a chair. Are you ready to start making money?