We take pride in offering professional, yet affordable, marketing, consulting, management, and business development services. No matter if you have no employees or 10,000, we can help you achieve any goals you've set for your business and offer a unique perspective on others. We do not just grow companies, we create lasting legacies.

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A Concierge Company

Numina has many differences compared to others in this industry. We are flexible, affordable, and analytic by nature. One of the main differences about Numina Solutions, compared to other companies in the same industry, is we are a concierge only company. This means that we are not an open-market business. Only select individuals and companies can retain our services. You set goals for us to accomplish, we do just that. No if, or maybe, we can solve any problem, and fulfil any request concerning business growth and development. Because of that, we only take on clients that are referred by current clients or preferred by Numina Solutions. Our high level of success and service is given only to those that have the ability to dedicate themselves 100% to their business.

Entrepreneur Philanthropist  Visionary 


It all started with a dream and a laptop…… This introduction is about a boy, a boy that had above-average intelligence, and excelled at just about anything he set out to do. While in school, he would act out because the curriculum was too easy. Now, this boy did not realize his potential and had a troubled upbringing and a hard start in life. Most of his youth and early adulthood was spent on the streets and incarcerated. Eventually, he said enough is enough, and spent two whole years isolated and focused solely on getting to know himself.

That is when he found out he had abilities that were not only above average, but near genius level The results were always the same. Strategy, Analysis, Comprehension, Communication, Tact. when it came to those four areas, no one alive excelled as high as he. Because of this, he envisioned creating an exclusive concierge styled company that not only guaranteed satisfactory results, but could accomplish any goals concerning business growth and development.

No matter the problem, no matter the goal, he could formulate and execute timely and effective strategies that would always produce the desired solution. Thus, Numina Solutions was born. He started his company with a dream, and a laptop. Now, every client that has retained services, has achieved growth beyond anything they could have dreamed of...No matter where you came from, one can do anything they put their minds to. We are the strategists of business growth & development, offering simple, yet powerful solutions. Period. Your move..